Our Story

The Bakery's History

Prior to opening The Italian Bakery, Frank Chiaravelotti worked for his sister and brother-in-law, Jennie and Sam Bennett, at Sam's Italian Sandwich Shop. During this time the sandwich business was booming and Sam was purchasing bread rolls from a Portland bakery. At the age of 20, Frank attended The Restaurant Institute of Connecticut in New Haven, now known as The Culinary Institute of America, in NY. He learned many culinary techniques including bread making. Frank eventually encouraged Sam to start his own bakery. Frank ran the highly successful bakery for roughly ten years.

In 1960 Frank decided to venture out on his own with his wife, Philamena, and open The Italian Bakery. Initially the bakery was a wholesale producer of Italian sandwich rolls, bread, and pizza crust with customers throughout Maine. A few years later the retail end was opened, offering pastries, doughnuts and bread products. Although Frank and Philamena are both 100% Italian, the predominantly Franco-American Community greatly influenced what was made and sold in the bakery. Saturday baked bean specials, salmon pies, and meat pies (toutiere) were, and still are, local favorites. Frank sought input from friends and customers and many have claimed to be the "One" who gave Frank the recipe for one thing or another.